Checklist for 6 Month Old Baby

checklist for 6 month old baby
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I cannot believe it’s been half a year since Joshua came into our lives! And in just half a year, our little man will be ONE!

Just like my little one, I’m sure your 6 month old is becoming a whole new kid; their personality is really coming through — Joshua is heavy on the sass–, they’re trying to become independent — pushing away from kisses and starting to crawl — , and they are gaining an interest your food — trying to grab your cup or plate. Your kiddo is growing, which I’m sure brings mixed emotions of elation and sadness! They’re learning all new skills that you have to nurture and encourage! There’s all these new products you need to buy! Well, no worries, Mom! I have a list of all the necessary things you need now that your little is 6 months!

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1. Bottles and Pacifiers

First of all, throw out all of your baby’s used pacis and bottle nipples! There are a number of reasons for this including hygiene issues and developmental milestones in your little one. As soon as you notice any damage to a nipple or pacifier it should be thrown away, but manufacturers recommend going ahead and replacing them every 2 months just to be safe.

Bottles & Nipples

If you didn’t make the switch by 4 months, know that developmentally your child is ready for a medium flow nipple (packages will be marked “4-12 months”) which she will be using until she is a year old. Throw away all used bottle nipples she has used up to this point. You should not save these for a future child. They could already be damaged or close to cracking which could be a hygiene issue or cause colic for a future baby.

You can either toss the bottles that go with the used nipples, or keep them for back-up, but you should go ahead and buy bottles that hold 8-9 oz if you haven’t already as 6 month olds eat 6-8 oz per feeding.

My son’s favorite bottles and nipples are Medela — a high quality, popular brand, but he also likes Parent’s Choice — a very affordable brand.

6 month old baby toys

I will be the first to say I let Joshua use the same nipples and pacifiers for a little too long because, honestly, MOM BRAIN! But just last month, I found out about this GREAT service on Amazon! If you buy these Medela nipples, you can schedule Amazon to automatically charge your card and send more at a customized interval anywhere from every 2 weeks to every 6 months. I have mine scheduled for every 2 months, so when they come in the mail I just throw out the old ones and cycle in the new ones without having to keep track of how long he has been using them!

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Your pacifier size is no longer age appropriate for your 6 month old. It’s time to buy 6-18 month pacis, however, if your baby is starting to get teeth then you should start weening him off pacifiers for hygienic and orthodontic reasons.

Unfortunately, WubbaNubs are no longer age appropriate for children over 6 months of age. My son loves his WubbaNubs, so I cut off the pacifier part, threw them away, then gave them to him to play with as stuffed animals. *To avoid suffocation, you should never leave your child alone with a stuffed animal.

toys for a 6 month old baby

If your child still hasn’t cut teeth and you’re not ready to ween him off the pacifier, you will need to buy the next size up (6-18 months) of pacis. We have been using the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier since Joshua was born. Now that your child is over 6 months old, he is ready for what Philips calls the “fashion” pacifier. We are in love with their Ultra Air Blue/Green bears pacis.

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2. High Chair

If you didn’t start feeding your little one sometime in the past two months, it’s time to start now. (Pediatricians usually recommend waiting until 6 months, but some say they can start as early as 4 months.) If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to invest in a high chair.

There are 3 main types of high chairs — the traditional high chair, the clamp-on-seat that connects to the side of a table, and the booster seat high chair; the one you choose depends on your preferences and house/storage size.

As my family lives in a pretty small house, we decided it would be the best fit for us to get a foldable traditional high chair. Our chairs are too short for a booster seat to be comfortable for us to feed my son, Joshua and the idea of my squirmy little one hanging off the side of a table just didn’t sit well with me.

We chose the Graco Table2Table Fold 7-in-1 High Chair for our “tiny home.” I was very impressed with the Graco brand when we bought our stroller, so I knew this was a brand I could trust. I love any product that grows with your child (money I don’t have to spend later). This high chair turns into a booster seat, a seat with a table, and a toddler youth chair. Also, you can sit your toddler in the toddler chair and baby in the booster seat at the same time. My favorite part? It’s foldable! You can easily store it away when it’s not in use. (It comes in three different colors that range from $139-169, so make sure you click on the three color options to choose the best price/color combo for you!)

best 6 month old baby toys
must have for 6 month old baby

3. Boppy

Your 6-month-old should be able to, or almost be able to sit up on her own. By now, she probably hates laying back in her bouncer, crib, or swing and will need something supportive to help her get a better look at the world.

6 month old baby must have

Boppys are recommended to help your infant strengthen her back and neck muscles.

The Boppy is great to start using as soon as your baby first starts trying to sit up. You can prop her up or let her lean back on the Boppy. The pillow is thick and tall enough to make up for your little’s lack of core strength and will help her build it.

The Boppy comes in dozens of different designs, and the covers can be easily removed to be washed in the washing machine (my favorite aspect, of course), so I would recommend buying at least one extra Bobby cover so you can still use the Boppy when one cover is in the wash.

4. Sleep Sacks

Around 3-6 months, your baby will be ready to transition out of a swaddle. If your baby can roll over on his own, get completely out of the swaddle, or has started getting very frustrated with the swaddle, it’s time to transition!

So, what’s next for your bundle of joy?

You can either transition to a Sleep Sack or straight into pajamas.

The Halo SleepSack will have the familiar warmth of the swaddle, but your baby’s arms will be free in case he rolls over in his sleep. Halo even makes sleep sacks that wrap snug around your little’s torso to help him feel even more like he is still in the swaddle. The National Sleep Foundation says your baby should be in a SleepSack until he turns 1.

5. Baby Food, Food Processor, and Supplies

Pretty soon, you are going to get the go ahead from your pediatrician to start letting your baby eat baby food — this should be a very interesting experience! If you have not already made the decision about whether or not you want to buy baby food or make your own, you should probably make that decision now.

Store Bought Baby Food

If you do plan on buying baby food, I encourage you to research the best brands. This will be the first manufactured food (unless your baby has been drinking formula) that will go into your little one’s body. They are not used to manufactured foods like we are, so it is best to make sure you are putting quality, safe, and natural products into your child. There are some great, reputable organic baby food brands out there!

Plum Organics, a certified organic non-GMO brand, was ranked the #1 baby puree in 2020. The Stage 1 Plum Organics (what your baby will start out with) has only 1 ingredient, fruit! It has no artificial preservatives or sweeteners and is unsalted — not to mention kosher. You can buy an 8-pack with 4 different flavors, a 9-pack with 3 different flavors, or an 18-pack with 3 different flavors. The packaging is BPA free which is always a plus for our littles (and for ourselves). And if you’re really into the environment you will be happy to hear that the packaging is recyclable.

Baby Food Processor

must have for 6 month baby

If you’re still wanting to be in charge of every ingredient that goes into your little one’s mouth — like this control freak mama right here! — and you have a farmer’s market in the area (or a green thumb), then you have the option of making your own baby food. This really excites me as a mom because I feel like I am nurturing my child in every way possible! I get to change him, cuddle him, love him, and now I get to make his food!

We have the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet food processor for making Joshua’s baby food. I love that it comes with tons of accessories including a mixing bowl, a spatula, separate containers for the refrigerator and freezer which have rotating caps to mark the date, and a recipe book that tells you how to introduce new foods and gives suggestions of which foods to try based on your child’s developmental level! I just love products that manufacturers obviously put parents first when they were creating it, and this is one of those products!

Other Essential Feeding Supplies

Everywhere you turn in my house is a package of baby hand-and-face wipes. I don’t want to have to go hunt them down every time Joshua drools, spits up, eats pureed carrots, etc. These are a life saver. And I learned the hard way that you don’t want to wipe your baby’s face with regular baby wipes or a tissue. Joshua broke out in a painful rash on his cheeks after just a few days of that.

Don’t forget infant spoons and bibs! We absolutely love these apron-like bibs!

You will also want spoons made just for your baby to hold so he can practice feeding himself. I let Joshua try to spoon a few mouthfuls in his mouth — they usually end up on the side of his face — and then feed the rest to him myself.

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6. 6 Month+ Toys/Teething Toys/Activity Mat

Your baby has probably started grabbing things she isn’t supposed to be — mine loves to eat the Roku remote — so it’s time to get her some 6-month-old toys!

Teething Toys

Provide your little with some toys that double as teethers as she could very well be sprouting teeth soon. Teething can start anywhere from 2-6 months, but both my son and I started showing early signs of teething at just 1-month-old, so get those teething toys as soon as possible because you don’t want to need them and not have them! Make sure you have teethers that you can freeze and the ones that don’t have to be frozen. Sometimes my son likes the frozen ones and sometimes he doesn’t; babies are pretty persnickety!

Developmentally Appropriate Toys for a 6 Month Old

You’re baby will be working on learning some important skills this month, so look for toys that teach or encourage cause-and-effect, fine and gross motor skills, object permanence (a toy still exists even if it’s out of sight), language and speech skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and touching/smelling/tasting senses.

Here’s Joshua’s top six favorite “BIG KID TOYS”:

*The above 6 photos are my son’s favorite toys either directly from or inspired by Kate Ward’s list.

Activity Mats

It’s also a wonderful idea to purchase an activity mat! These generally come with colorful, noise-making toys and will help your baby love tummy-time! They also fold up easily for storage, so if you don’t have a lot of room for toys, an activity mat could be an alternative to a bucket full of toys.

The new trend is water mats! It’s just like an activity mat, except it has water in it! Instead of your baby laying on her back to play, she is laying on her tummy moving objects around inside the mat. Unlike an activity mat that generally has the toys above her, this mat encourages crawling and helps her use muscles she wouldn’t be using while laying on her back. They also tend to be more affordable than activity mats.

Baby Sign Lanuage

Your baby is also developmentally ready to start learning baby sign language! We love the My First Signs board book. Baby will love watching these new movements you’re making and may try to repeat them, but you probably won’t start seeing them use them to communicate until 8 months.

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7. Activity Center

Now that your sweetheart is holding up his head on his own, it’s time to upgrade to an activity center! I my son was more than ready to get out of his bouncer and have some activities to do! Activity centers come in every kind of variety you could imagine — bouncing, spinning, wobbling, stationary — the options are endless! Your choice in activity center ultimately comes down to space in your home, how much you’re willing to pay, and the kind of activities you think your little will enjoy the most. You’ve been around him for 6 months now, you have some idea of what toys and activities he likes and doesn’t like.

best 6 month old baby toys

must have for 6 month baby
6 month old baby must have

Bonus Item: Baby Proofing Supplies

Before you know it, your little one will be crawling if she isn’t already. Just think of all the things she can get into! Go ahead and stock up on some baby-proofing tools:
Magnetic Cabinet and Door Locks
Outlet Plug Covers
Sharp Corner Protectors
Oven Door Lock
Furniture Anchors
Door Knob Covers
Toilet Lock
Power Strip Cover
Stove Knob Covers

Time sure has flown since you brought your baby home! I know you’re looking back and thinking how far you have come as a mother and how much your baby has learned in just 6 short months! Before you know it, your baby will be ONE and you will be wondering how he got so big! I pray this next chapter of your infant’s life goes as smoothly as it can, and, in the trying moments, you stop and take the time to appreciate how small and precious this gift is.

You’ve got this, Mom!

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