Cute Father’s Day Ideas From Baby

cute fathers day ideas from baby
diy first fathers day gifts from baby
best fathers day gift from baby

How is it June already? And guess what! Father’s Day is right around the corner!

Looking for DIY First Mother’s Day Gifts from Baby ?

You’re in the right place if… you’re a mama wanting to do something sweet for your hubby who has been your ROCK since the new baby came into the picture OR if you’re a parent wanting to make a cute do-it-yourself gift from baby to grandpa!

homemade fathers day gift from baby

I’ve compiled a list of the best DIY first Father’s Day gifts from baby. Some of them will look like mother’s day gifts or grandparents day gifts but that’s because I thought they were precious and could easily be converted into Father’s Day gifts.

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DIY Father’s Day Gifts From Baby

👉🏼👉🏼To find the original post and/or how-to (if available) about each project, click the photo or the link in the caption below the photo!

Finger Painting Gift Ideas

Here are some precious hand and/or foot print ideas for your little bitty to “help” you with. I have learned from hand painting experience to use washable paint and wipe it off the hand as soon as you’re done to avoid paint all over baby’s face and hair! 🤣

homemade grandpa gift from baby
Here is the how-to if your baby is old enough to finger paint.
homemade grandparents day gift from baby
Make it yourself or buy it here for $24.95.
grandparents day gift from baby
DIY your own or buy it here for $20.
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Photo Shoot Gift Ideas

If you don’t want to mess with paint or don’t see yourself as the “crafty” type, then a photo shoot is for you! Don’t worry about having an expensive camera. Your phone should be able to take some great photos! And daddy (or grandpa) won’t mind if they’re not professional.

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I hope these 14 ideas brought you some inspiration! Let us know in the comments which ones you tried and how it went! In the meantime, make sure to follow our Holiday Activities and Hacks Pinterest Board (there’s a Father’s Day section within this board) to stay updated on the cutest Father’s Day gifts!

Pin these photos! 👇🏿

fathers day gift from baby
first fathers day gift from baby
diy fathers day gift from baby

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