37 Quarantine Activities for Seniors

During this unnerving and unfamiliar time, we all know someone, a loved-one, who is in the age range of preferred fatal targets for the Coronavirus. People who are 65 years old and older; our grandparents, our great-grandparents, our great-aunts and uncles, maybe even our neighbors.

I called my sweet MeMaw the other day and my heart broke to hear her say, “I’m about to run out of stuff to do!”

You know you’re bored mindlessly sitting on Facebook all day or binge-watching Netflix, but what about the older generations who depended on relationships without phones and internet and Facetime? Generations who don’t have an addiction to sit in front of a TV and vegg-out for hours on end waiting for this quarantine to end? Generations who, even before quarantine, were calling to see when the next time would be that you would stop by just to say hello and bring those sweet grand-kids along with you?

SHOUTOUT to @realfamilyideas for helping me find this picture!

It is our duty as the younger generation to do all we can to make this time less depressing for our beloved seniors.

Fortunately, we have been blessed with the technology and time to help our elders stay active, entertained, and joyful during this trying time.

Quarantine Activities for Seniors

I have compiled a list of activities for seniors to do on their own, as well as activities that family members can do with them over Facetime. Please DO NOT go to the homes of your parents’ or grandparents’ who are 65 or over. This is a time in which we need to practice social distancing.

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Activities Over Facetime

How to Get Facetime:

There are lots of ways to video call your loved ones:
🎥If you both have an iPhone, you can call your parent or grandparent and then click the
“Facetime” button. Andriods can do this only if both Androids have the same service provider.
You simply make a phone call and click “video call.”
🎥Download the Skype app to your computer, smart phone, or tablet
🎥The Facebook Messenger app has a video call option
🎥Everyone is using the popular Zoom app to talk to multiple people at once. You can use the
free version for 40 minutes at a time. When the call ends, just call back for 40 more free
🎥The Google Duo app is another option. I have never used it, but have seen recommendations
for it.

  • Play Pictionary
  • Play Charades
  • Play Hang Man
  • Let grandma host a cooking show for your kids (the could cook, too!)… I have a 4-month-old and we call my mom every morning on Facebook Messenger. She talks to us while doing chores. We call it The MiMi Show.”
  • Have the kids come up with a skit or comedy sketch beforehand and preform it over Facetime
  • Show and Tell
  • Have the kids interview the grands… ask questions about their life growing up or what they remember about being their age
  • Play just about ANY board game. You can roll and move the pieces for the grands.
  • Have a meal together! Just call and chat while eating!
  • Play “I Spy”
  • Older kids can help with a crossword puzzle
  • Have a dance party! (Have the grands teach the kids what the most popular dance moves were back in the day!)
  • Have a fashion show (This is a popular one in my family. Let the kids put it on and grandma do the commentary!)
  • Have a riddle contest
  • Have a “dad joke battle“… Tell corny jokes. If you laugh your opponent gets a point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.
  • Have a prayer service or worship service
  • Read together
  • Let grandma help with homework
  • Download the “Draw Something” app to your phones (if you are talking on another device) and play against each other
  • Have a concert for grandma
  • Write down a large word (like these hilarious words) and compete with the grands to see who can come up with the most words.
  • Morning devotion. You could read a kid one and/or an adult one… or choose a family one and discuss it together. There are TONS of devotionals available on the YouVersion app.
  • Have a themed costume party (80s, tacky tourist, hobos, etc.)
  • Show the kids how to do Pilates — PUMP UP THAT 80S AND 90S AEROBICS MUSIC!
  • Help the grands set up a book club with their friends over Facetime
    👉🏼BONUS ACTIVITY: Follow my Corona Virus Quarantine Activities Pinterest board to find even more activities!
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Activities for Seniors to Do on Their Own

  • Puzzles (My mother-in-law has been mailing her mother puzzles. Her mom takes the puzzle out the box outside her house using gloves, throws the box in the trash can, and brings the plastic package inside the box into the house).
  • Knitting, sewing, quilting, cross stitching (Ask your parents or grandparents to make you something. Be specific. Have them make you some pillow shams or a new dress for your baby girl!)
  • Take up a new hobby. What is something they have always wanted to learn? Teach them how to look up how-to videos on YouTube.
Photo by Edu Carvalho on Pexels.com
  • Read. If they have exhausted all the books in their house, tell them how to download the Audible app for audio books (the first 30 days are free), Kindle app (this is usually already downloaded on a new phone), or the Books app for iPhone (which is usually already downloaded). Some local libraries also have apps to “check out” ebooks.
  • Explain to them how to record a video on their phone and have them record a “how-to video” to post on social media. This could be a cooking video, sewing video, or gardening video!
  • Crosswords, word searches, Sudoku… you can download free apps for puzzles like these.
  • Creative writing (short story, novel, poetry)
  • Memorizing scripture
  • Free online museum tours (just Google that phrase and you will find museums whose websites have these available)
  • Do that house project they’ve always been meaning to get to (putting photos in albums, organizing the home movies by date, organizing the closet by season, etc.)
  • Make things for people in need (surgical masks, stuffed animals for kids doing outpatient chemo, crocheted octopuses for NICU babies, casseroles for non-essential families who no longer have a paycheck, etc.)
  • Set up a war room and PRAY for our world!
    👉🏼BONUS ACTIVITY: Follow my Corona Virus Quarantine Activities Pinterest board to find even more activities!

Do you know someone who would love to see this list? Share it with them!

What are some activities you have done with your loved ones over Facetime? Share with us in the comments!

You’ve got this, Mom!

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