Baby Hacks for a Happier Baby and Happier You

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My son turned 3 months on Monday! Where did the time go?!?!

In the past 3 months, I have learned some valuable newborn hacks that have made life as a new mom a whole lot easier, and I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with you.

Below are my top 10 newborn hacks that will change life with baby! But I wanted to go above and beyond for you! Under many of the hacks is some extra information or a link to a specific product I use! I know mommin’ is tough, and I wanted to make these hacks that much easier for you. So, make sure to not miss out on the info I included for you under the hacks!

Hack #1:

Hack #2:

We love the Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes (here is a great deal for a 4-pack and a 12-pack). I keep them where I generally feed Joshua everyday so they are easily accessible to me when I see that his neck and palms need to be cleaned. My favorite lotion to use on him (and me) is Johnson’s Baby Moisturizing Lotion.

Hack #3:

Babies will all prefer different bottles. My son loves Parent’s Choice 5 oz Bottles the best — which I’m very happy about because they are REALLY affordable.
We also use Medela Bottles with him. It took him about a month to get used to this brand, but we already had them because they came with my breast pump and we were determined not to buy more bottles.

Hack #4:

Hack #5:

When Joshua is upset and the usual things don’t console him, I try any number of these hacks.
Make life even easier on yourself! Invest in a car seat that quickly fits into a stroller. I don’t know what I would do without our Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System.
Our favorite way to carry our son around the house (my husband included) is in the Ergobaby Aura Wrap Carrier. If I’m walking to my neighbor’s, doing chores, or dancing with him to salsa music, this wrap is easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and takes up little storage space.
I made a playlist of lullabies on YouTube that I can quickly pull up when he’s fussy. You can make your own or follow mine.

Hack #6:

My son is obsessed with his WubbaNub pacifier. He holds onto the attached stuffed animal for comfort and uses it to push the paci back in his mouth. WubbaNubs come in all kinds of stuffed animals including a giraffe, elephant, unicorn, moose, and sloth.
We never use the WubbaNub in his crib, however, because he could push it over his face and it could cause suffocation. We only use them during the day when we’re watching him. A pacifier you can use at night that is just like the one attached to the WubbaNub is the Phillips Avent Soothie. Here is the 0-3 month pacifier and the 3+ month pacifier.

Hack #7:

I have written previous blogs about feeding schedules. You can read my suggestions and tips for a newborn feeding schedule and a two-month old feeding schedule.

Hack #8:

These onesie brands have consistently been my favorite brands! However, just like kids and adult clothes, baby clothes sizes should not be treated equal. Here are some of my favorite onesies in these brands currently available (click the pictures to be taken to the websites):

Hack #9:

Hack #10:

Here is a 2 minute video of a baby crying that you can play for your pet.

Hey, Mom! I really hope these newborn hacks give you a peace of mind and make life a little easier for you! Please let me know what hacks you tried or any other hacks you have figured out for your little one!

You’ve got this, Mom!

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