Inexpensive and Free Date and Gift Ideas He Will L❤VE

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The year 2020 is well underway. Christmas lights have (hopefully) come down, January is but a memory, and Valentine’s Day is just a week away!

If you’re like me, a busy mom who feels like Christmas was just yesterday and her house still hasn’t recovered from it, you probably have nothing planned… and no money to do anything too extravagant.

No worries! Here are some date and gift ideas that won’t break the bank and will still show your wonderful man how much you appreciate him!

*Valentine’s Day is on Friday this year, but you don’t have to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Talk to the grandparents about keeping the kids one night during the week or on Saturday while you celebrate, or wait until the kids are asleep, and have a date night at home.

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Free Dates:

  • Build a blanket fort (Our mattress is light enough that we take it into the living room and use that as the base.)
  • Go for a walk in a park, in the historical district, at the beach (If you live in the south, and it’s not too cold), etc. (Shout out to Memphis Putman for sharing this idea with us!)
  • Coupon book (Back rub, he picks the movie, you do one of his chores, fishing trip, etc.)
  • Paint/draw each other’s portraits (Don’t let the other person see it until it’s done. My husband and I did this, and we still have ours hung on our fridge. The finished products were hilarious and a great memory! See the picture to the right? He painted me and I painted him. 🤣)
  • Go stargazing or sleep under the stars
  • Play his favorite board game/card game/video game
  • If you have a boat or ATV, take it out for the day!
  • Find a dance tutorial on YouTube and surprise him with a free “dance class”
  • Karaoke party (You can search just about any song on YouTube with “karaoke” behind it and find the karaoke version. For example, “my girl karaoke“. To prepare, you could go ahead and make a playlist or just wing it!)
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  • Spa night (Give him a back massage and foot massage.)
  • Scavenger hunt (Send him around the house or around the neighborhood.)
  • Go to a local park that has a free tennis court, volleyball court, or basketball court and play against each other (or invite another couple and play doubles).
  • Watch the sunset
  • Create a couple’s bucket list together
  • Sit down together and each write 26 date ideas on pieces of paper. Put them in a jar, and you now have 52 weeks of date ideas that one or both of you would enjoy! (Look on Pinterest for date ideas. Make sure to throw in some cheap and free options.)
  • Pick wild flowers, and make a bouquet together
  • Go to the mall, and pick out silly outfits for each other to try on
  • Sit together with a cup of coffee and talk. Turn off your phones and just be present with each other.
  • Take “The Intimacy Acceleration” quiz — the quiz Penny and Sheldon test in Big Bang Theory to see if it will make them more attracted to each other and by Daniel and Natasha in The Sun is Also a Star movie and book. Don’t forget to stare into each other’s eyes for 4 minutes at the end. (My husband and I did this and really enjoyed the experience!) Here and here are clips from the episode on Big Bang Theory about the quiz.
  • Work out together (This increases endorphins and euphoria.)
  • Find funny BuzzFeed couple quizzes
  • Make a love time capsule
  • Participate in his favorite hobby with him

Inexpensive Dates:

  1. Cook him a romantic dinner (You can never go wrong with steak… or recreate the meal you had on your first date or at your wedding.)
  2. Find a cooking tutorial on YouTube and have a in-home “cooking class”
  3. Just drive around and talk (I put this under “inexpensive” since you have to pay for gas.)
  4. Rent his favorite movie from Redbox, and surprise him with popcorn and his favorite movie snack
  5. Go to a museum (Many museums have suggested donations rather than actual prices.)
  6. Go on a picnic (This could be free if you grab food you already have on hand.)
  7. Dollar store date
  8. Decide on a set amount of money to spend, and go to the arcade
  9. Check out Groupon to see what their current deals are. Try something new!
  10. Netflix and Chill
  11. Have a bonfire with s’mores
  12. Grab another couple and go to the mall for a scavenger hunt finding items that start with each letter of the alphabet, be sure to take a picture with each item, and the first couple finished gets dessert courtesy of the other couple. (I found this idea here.)
  13. Get copies of Do You Know Your Husband? and Do You Know Your Wife? and compete for who knows whom better. Loser gives winner a foot massage or has to pass over the remote for 1 night.
  14. Bake heart shaped cookies, decorate them with icing and sprinkles, and post on social media for people to vote who made the best. THEN EAT THEM!
  15. Go to the Dollar Tree, buy all your favorite candies, and JUST PIG OUT!
  16. Fly a kite
  17. Tie-dye and/or paint shirts for each other

Liked these date ideas? Follow my Date Night Pinterest board:

Free Gifts

  1. “Open When…” letters (I did this for my husband and he loved it!
  2. Write him a poem
  3. Write him a song
  4. Draw/paint him a picture
  5. Make him a pillow out of an old shirt he likes and an old throw pillow
  6. A personalized card
  7. Make a board game with YOU TWO as the theme
  8. Choose some Bible verses that remind you of him, write them down, and write why you chose them
  9. 365 Note Jar (Tedious, but definitely a great way to show him how much you appreciate him!)
  10. This ridiculously precious and punny gift you can make with hot glue and spoons 🤣😍

Inexpensive Gifts

  1. Bro-quet (Go to the Dollar Tree and put in his favorite things.)
  2. Gift card (Don’t roll your eyes at this one. My husband is really hard to shop for, so sometimes I surprise him with a gift card to Game Stop or Academy. We don’t spend much on ourselves, so I’m gifting him the ability to spend money on himself without feeling guilty about splurging. It can just be $10-20 if that’s all you can afford. It’s the thought that counts.)
  3. His favorite candy/snack (Or turn a bunch of his favorite candies into a cute card)
  4. Pocket knife (You can find inexpensive Case Knives.)
  5. Walmart always has fun men’s graphic tees from $5-20
  6. Breakfast in bed (Make all of his favorites!)
  7. A mix tape/CD
  8. Go out for a romantic dessert rather than dinner. FroYo, ice cream, sopapillas, cheesecake… (You would be surprised how much money this will save you.)
  9. Buy a frame at a dollar store and print your favorite picture of the two of you (Here is a really precious note to add to it.)
  10. Photo collage
  11. Year-long husband or dad devotional
  12. The 31 Day Pursuit Challenge — My husband and I are currently reading these books with our Bible Study group and absolutely love them! You can get the couple’s set for $22.98. Each day has an action or date idea to help you better pursue your spouse. You can buy them separately as well and do it on your own.

Liked these gift ideas? Follow my Inexpensive Gifts He Will Love! Pinterest board:

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to show your husband how much you love and appreciate him. You don’t even have to spend $1! Just going out of your way to do something thoughtful that you know he will love will be enough for him.

You’ve got this, Mom!

What are some inexpensive or free Valentine’s dates or gift ideas you have? Which of the ideas from above are you going to try this year? I would love to hear from you! Comment below.

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